U2020 Ulster County Campground Permit Conditions

Effective 4/27/2020 Until Further Notice

- Only cabins/bungalows with their own bathroom and cooking facilities, and RV sites with water, electric and sewage hookups, may be rented and used, and only to individuals or families already isolating as a unit. All guests must provide their own bed linens and towels.

- Tent sites without individual bathing and cooking facilities will not be permitted.

- There shall be a delineated and marked plot of land around each RV spot and/or cabin/bungalow for guests to safely and adequately set up barbeques (if allowed) and outdoor seating areas, and there must be at least six feet between any two delineated plots. This may require a facility to limit the number of cabins or RV parking spaces occupied in order to facilitate such required spacing.

- There shall be a minimum 72 hours between a check out and the next check in for any cabin or bungalow rental during which time a full sanitizing of the rental unit shall be performed using virus-killing disinfectants.

- All guests shall have no symptoms of illness upon arrival and will have their temperature taken. Any guest with a “touchless” thermometer reading of 100.4 degrees of above shall not be allowed to stay. Any cancelations due to illness or elevated temperature shall include a refund to the renter as stipulated in the rental contract.

- All guests, at all times, will wear face covering masks when not inside their RV or cabin/bungalow and shall maintain at least six feet distance from others on the campground.

- Common showers will not be made available.

- All toilet facilities will be sanitized with disinfectants, listed by the EPA as effective against coronaviruses, at least three times daily.

- Occupancy of toilet facilities shall include the wearing of a facial covering mask, as well as strict social distancing between users (no two adjoining toilet stalls, urinals or sinks may be used at once).

- Any clubhouses, indoor amenity spaces, playgrounds, water park features, pools, pavilions, game courts, community rooms or dining facilities shall be closed for use.

- No equipment or facilities will be made available for use or rental (such as kayaks and canoes, sport equipment, etc.) that cannot be safely and fully sanitized between uses.


  • Jonathan H.

    I recently went to this campground with a group of 12 friends and had a remarkable weekend. Our campsite was right along the beautiful river equipped with a fire pit, picnic table, and plenty of space for our cars and tents.

  • Amy M.

    I was introduced to this campground 4 years ago and it has become my "happy place". No other campground will ever compare. All of the stress exits your body the second you enter and you won't want to leave. Packing up the day you have to leave will leave you longing for your next trip back!

  • Jason G.

    We love this campground! It's in the banks of the Esopus creek which provides fishing, swimming for our dog and scenic place to sit by a campfire at night and watch the moon. The place itself and its proximity to the town of Phoenicia make it a perfect low key place to camp and relax.

  • Anthony T.

    Absolutely perfect camp ground for those looking to get in touch with nature. The creek is the highlight of every trip I take there, and it's sounds are amazing to fall asleep to. I've been going every year for 8 consecutive years.

  • Tamara D.

    The location is great - not too far in the wilderness, just close enough to the gorgeous creek, and a 5 minute walk to the town center. The setting is beautiful, and a property owner that actually cares - always makes a difference.

  • Amanda P.

    I really liked this place because of the proximity to the touristy areas which were all within walking distance including restaurants, shopping and tubing. I saw many more black bears that weekend but all from a safe distance.

  • Ernest L.

    I came here last year for a weekend of camping before Warrior Dash at Windham Mountain. There is a nice creek that wraps around the back of the property. Sites are average sized and we had 10 people.